Tuesday, January 5, 2016


 This monumental stone sculpture was inspired by the delicate balance of Man and Nature.
 The lower elements represent the natural resources of Earth.  The organic forms are the forces of Nature that hold aloft the cities of Man.
Indiana Limestone, 2015, 8'H x 4'W x 3'D, $28,000.00


 This large sculpture was intended as a centerpiece for a dry landscape (like a Japanese rock garden).
 The concept is that nothing sits still; change is the only constant.
Indiana Limestone, 2015, 6'H x 3'W x 3'D, $24,000.00

Comet Bench

 This functional sculpture was inspired by the recent success for landing a spacecraft on a moving comet.
 It's intended to spark the imagination - sit down and let it take you on a ride around the solar system.
Indiana Limestone, 2015, 6'W x 3'H x 3'W, $11,800.00

Stepping Out

 This sculpture represents the moment for making the decision to move into new realms and possibilities.
Indiana Limestone, 2015, 6'-8"H x 3'W x 3'D, $8,000.00

Bubble Bench

 This functional sculpture shows effervescent bubbles forcing the bench seat upward (like the corners of a smile).
Indiana Limestone, 2015, 6'W x 3'H x 3'D, $11,800.00

Leafy Bench

 This functional sculpture was inspired by the new spring growth in the wildlife area adjacent to the studio property.
Indiana Limestone, 2015, 8-1/2'W x 4'H x 3'D, $8,000.00

Get Moving

 This functional sculpture (bench) was carved from a large quarry block and shows an array of machine parts of unknown function.
 Indiana Limestone, 2014, 9'W x 4'H x 4'D, 10,000 lbs., $8,000.00
This back view shows the wonderful variegation in the monumental stone block.