Tuesday, June 12, 2018

"Kentucky River Sprout" stone sculpture

 This sculpture follows a common theme in my work where I am symbolically referring to "Self-Renewal".
Kentucky River Marble, 9" high x 7" wide x 6" thick, 5.0 lbs., 1-30-18, $480.00

"Sparks" marble vessel

The subject matter was inspired by a combination of flames and of a bird taking flight.  The front 'petal' is the head of the bird and it is lifted up and ready to take to the skies.
Tennessee Pink Marble, 12" wide x 8" long x 4" high, 5.5 lbs.,2-9-18, $400.00

"Harvest" marble sculpture

 This sculpture is a metaphor for the fall harvest - but it is symbolically intended to reflect that time in a person's life...
Idaho Travertine, 13" high x 11" wide x 5" thick, 8.1 lbs., 2-18-18, $480.00

"Ascent" marble sculpture

 This marble sculpture is symbolic of the human spirit, soaring heaven-ward and free of its mortal coil.
Alabama Marble, 11" high x 8" wide x 6" thick, 9.0 lbs., 2-16-18, $680.00

"Cozy" stone vessel

This functional sculpture was inspired by someone close to me, wrapped in a blanket.
Indiana Limestone, 8" high x 12" wide x 6" thick, 8.2 lbs., 7-13-17, $480.00

"Lobed Leaf" stone vessel

 The design for this functional sculpture is a result of following what the stone had to offer.  When I "free carve", I let the stone dictate what direction it wants to go...
 Indiana Limestone, 17" long x 9" wide x 7" high, 11.3 lbs., $580.00

"Fly Forever" stone vessel

 This functional sculpture was inspired by all the flying dreams that I have.  The egg shape between the wings is intended as a symbol for Infinity.
 Indiana Limestone, 20" long x 16" wide x 4" high, 14.6 lbs., 3-22-18, $580.00